Stephen Weber
Stephen Weber
At the core of everything I do is the want to create something that makes a difference.


What I Accel At And What I Don't

About Stephen Weber

Some Things About Me

I am a self taught developer, technology consultant and leader. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from California State Poly Technic University, but almost all of my education has been from real world experience. Everyone says they are passionate about what they do. I believe the test is when people put their passion into action. For this reason I purposely put myself into situations where I can learn, grow, take on responsibility and achieve amazing results.
Developing for me is like cooking a meal (and I love to cook). The projects I am proud of have a balance of usefulness, functionality and beauty that makes someone want to use it. This is the only art form I know of where I can use logic to create.
Consulting for companies comes easily for me after experimenting with so many technologies.The key is understanding what each technology/language/framework is good at and bad at. Helping companies choose the right technologies to use and avoid where their competitors got stuck brings me a lot of personal joy in my job. If a company can understand the risks of a technology it helps with all their future decisions in the marketplace.
Leading teams is a whole different type of personally rewards experience. The respected earned from being down in the trenches with your team working with them and helping them when they are stuck is amazing. Protecting your team and having them look out for you as well, is one of the many fruits of leadership. After managing teams of 2 all the way to a dozen people - its easy to see that an amazing leader can make all the difference.


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